Lap of Luxury Design with Heated Toilet Seats

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Do you have a taste for luxury design?  Maybe you’re planning to attend the Luxury Home & Design Show this weekend at BC Place.  At R&B we are lucky enough to have a little luxury design of our own with our Toto Washlet toilet.  And why not? After all, we supply and install some of […]

Patio blog – Natural Gas Barbecue

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Now that you’ve added natural gas to your patio with the warmth of patio heaters, imagine adding a natural gas barbecue!  No more heavy propane bottles. No more standing around by the big tank at the gas station in the heat of summer, with the guests waiting back at home, hungry.   The fire pit adds […]

Credit Card Fraud with Amazon

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Credit card fraud, contrary to the common opinion, does not get absorbed by the credit card companies, nor does it usually involve shady businesses who are attempting to defraud the public.  In fact, our own reputable company and were unwittingly used to funnel cash from credit card fraud to the hands of criminals and […]

Outdoor Natural Gas Patio

Patio Heaters Anyone? What you need to know

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It is that time of year where we come out of our hibernation and move outdoors to feel the warmth of the sun on our skin.  Could it last even after the sun goes down?  The truth is we’d love to be on the patio in the evenings, its just not quite warm enough.  Or […]

Poor Home Inspection – Time to pull the plug?

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A poor home inspection report is one of the more common reasons that a real estate deal could fall through.  Plumbing, heating and drainage are among the top major items that a home might need. Best practice? Know what the report means, and have us on hand to help you or your client meet those […]

Carrier Cool Cash for Spring – Made Simple

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SAVE SAVE SAVE!  Have I got your attention? Now what does it all mean?  Carrier Cool Cash, a great rebate offering from our favorite manufacturer, runs from April until the end of June.  Can you figure it out?  Let me help. Comparison shopping for new heating or cooling systems can be a challenge with many […]

Heat Pump

Carrier Heat Pump Recall

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The smoke is gone, the a/c is cooling and the summer is belatedly rolling along, right?  Maybe not.  If you haven’t heard, Carrier has issued a heat pump recall.  The problem is that a faulty component, ironically, can create excessive heat on the surface of the outdoor units.  In order to keep yourself and your […]

home insurance

Home Insurance: What Doesn’t it Cover?

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This is the time of year when our home insurance comes due and like many people, I have to force myself to be interested enough to read the coverage.  So many things are bundled, and have different deductibles and coverage that the list becomes quite lengthy.  If you are like me, you gloss over it […]