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When we identified our core values, it was an easy task to know what wanted to provide for our customers, the same thing we have been providing for almost 30 years. What was harder, was distilling that down into one sentence. Quality plumbing and heating solutions you can Trust.

Quality is a common word these days, and it’s usually associated with extra expense. While we don’t believe in the false economy that comes from doing things cheaply, we do believe that quality doesn’t always have to cost more. Products that are effective and have a track record for reliability and performance can be found at median price points when you have the right experience and the right attitude. How they are installed is just as important. To see our way, visit The R&B Difference gallery and see our technician with a level on pipes that will ultimately be hidden behind tile. Pride in our workmanship and doing things right, is valued, and fostered under the leadership of owner Rob Blaksic.

Solutions, is our promise to you. When you come to R&B with a problem - be it a leak, clogged drain, failed water heater, or lack of heat, you want to know that you’ll be taken care of. You can check that box and consider it done. Once you call our offices, we take care of everything else. We identify the problem and solution, order the parts where needed, apply for warranties, follow up with installations, and use best practice after sales care to ensure that we’ve done all we can. Nobody wants to deal with the same problem twice, or have a question left unanswered. You want answers to your plumbing and heating problems and you want satisfaction, it really is that simple. That’s what solutions means to us.

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Trust. Have you heard of the tail light warranty? It refers to a company's guarantee that lasts for as long as you can see the taillights of their van leaving. At R&B we take your trust seriously. You entrust us with your safety, your property, your comfort and your peace of mind, and we thank you for it with one of the best warranties in the business. The material we sell and the workmanship provide, are guaranteed to be defect free for a year or we’ll replace it at no cost to you. No forms to fill out, no hoops to jump through. You trusted us, now we trust you.

Where did these values come from? A long tradition. Rob followed in his father’s footsteps first apprenticing under his direction and then going out on his own in 1990. Today, R&B Plumbing and Heating is still a family run, local company providing residential and commercial plumbing and heating services to homes and businesses on the North Shore and Vancouver.

We service, supply, install and maintain everything we sell. Look to us for high efficiency boiler, or furnace heating and cooling systems, hot water and air quality products, and of course, plumbing services. If its emergency service you have, call us 24 hours a day!