At R&B Plumbing and Heating, we are masters of our trade!  With a team of trained professionals and an A+ customer care rating, choose us for your plumbing needs.

If it’s an unusually high water bill you are worried about, we have the tools and experience to identify and repair leaks that may be costing you extra.  Could it be from inside or outside, your sprinklers or pool, your pipes, fixtures or your heating?  We will know.  From main water line replacements, water leak repair, to dripping faucets we will ensure that your systems are intact, conserving water and money.

Upgrade to a high-efficiency appliance, or low flow fixtures.  Not only is good for the planet but it will generate a return on your investment.  Ask R&B to recommend good quality fixtures and equipment that will work best for your system and budget.

Whether you need installation, repair, maintenance or 24-hour emergency service, from one end of your property to the other, call R&B.

Call us today for all your plumbing needs at 604-980-1369.

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