How to Avoid a Plumbing Emergency

How will you know when your water heater bursts, your sewer backs up, or something has chewed through a pipe to cause a flood?  Most times, we find out by stepping off the last basement step into a pool of water.  By then the water has moved through your lowest level and started seeping into real property and you’re probably about to get onto a first name basis with your insurance adjuster.  Is there a better way?  You bet!  We’ve got a product that will be watching for your plumbing emergency, and what will alert you that your water needs to be shut off!

40% of homeowners will experience a flood in their lifetime and 60% will experience some type of burst pipe. Often times these pending disasters have been brewing for weeks without their knowledge.  Plumbing emergencies rarely happen when we’re looking, and typically don’t make enough noise to draw our attention.

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What’s the cost of a flood?

The cost of a flood is high.  First there’s the deductible. My policy has a water damage deductible of $2500.  Not to mention, many policies, if you read the fine print, have an extensive list of limits and exclusions.  Let’s remember as well, that when you have a loss you’ll have increased future insurance premiums.  My friend calculated that their water loss cost them $15,000 above what the insurance covered.

For as little as $1250 for a basic installation (as this blog is written!), you can get an emergency water shut off system.  There are several on the market, but the one we prefer is Popular Science 2018 winner, Flo by Moen.

FLO by Moen (3/4″) Backed by years of product development and industry leading technology, Flo by Moen detects and stops leaks. From your toilet, shower or faucet, to the pipes in your foundation and behind your walls, this smart water valve monitors all of them so there’s no surprises on your water bill or catastrophes when you come home from vacation.

  • Monitors your daily usage.
  • Allows the user to set water consumption goals.
  • Real, human telephone support if you need assistance with set up or operation.
  • Texts, emails or phones the user when an alert is triggered.
  • If you’re on vacation (Attention all you Snowbirds) and no amount of water use is expected, set the system to “AWAY” to ensure any break is not attributed to use; someone running a bath, for example.
  • Integrates with home automation systems (Alexa, Google).
  • FloProtect App subscription with enhanced features is $5USD/month.
  • Available locally through R&B.

The Flo is great for the engaged and passionate water police, but also doesn’t complicate the app with these extras unless you want to buy the subscription. We like that it has some excellent options for those who are less tech savvy as well, like the real person factor and the Snowbird Switch.

Why Use an Emergency Water Shut Off System

The advantages of any emergency water shut off systems go further than just preventing loss. They can also give you eligibility for reduced insurance rates with typical discounts of 5-10%.

How to Choose the Right Unit (and avoid the cost of emergency plumbing)

The good news is this, there is no bad decision unless you decide not to make the choice! Emergency plumbing services are stressful and costly at the best of times. Avoid emergency situations before they arise by taking preventive measures to protect against flooding and leaks.  To get a free estimate for your home and protect yourself from damage and inconvenience, contact us today.


For more information on what an annual service and safety check actually entails, call R&B today.  And if you’re a recipient of our quarterly newsletter, be sure to look for your discount offering.

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