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Propane Tank Empty Again? It’s Easily Preventable.

Is your propane tank empty again and in need of a refill? High natural gas bill after someone left the barbecue on? There’s an easy solution to stop this from happening again.

The Anticipation

Summer’s finally here. If you’re like us, that means there’s something fresh on your mind: Barbecue season. Sitting on a patio surrounded by good people, beer or other preferred cold beverage comfortably in hand, with the smell of tasty grilled meat in the air. Relaxation at its sunny finest – unless there’s a snag.

The Horror

How many times have you been all prepared to grill and chill, only to discover someone (we’re not naming any names) left the gas on the last time and the propane tank is now heartbreakingly empty? Cue a panicked rush to go replace the tank in the middle of the event while you rethink the choices that led up to this moment. Even if you’re fueling your barbecue through a natural gas line and not a tank, that’s a lot of money leaking out of that open valve.

The Solution

Do you ever wish there was some sort of device that solved this issue and prevented embarrassing mid-barbecue misadventures?  Wouldn’t it be perfect if there was also a company that could quickly and easily install it for you? The good news is, there’s an easy fix, and we’re right here. R&B can install an automatic BBQ shut-off valve that functions on a timer that will cut off your gas supply after a set amount of time without any human assistance. That way, when you’re a few drinks deep at the end of the night and having a meaningful conversation about HBO’s Chernobyl, which dinosaur-themed basketball team won the NBA Finals or the FBI’s recently released file on bigfoot, you have one less thing to worry about forgetting. The added bonus is that if you like to leave the barbecue on to burn off the grill, you can just set the timer, relax, and enjoy the rest of your evening.

R&B is all about peace of mind. So, while you’re putting delicious perfectly grilled meat on to your plate, why not take remembering to shut down the gas supply off of it. We can install one of these for $295 plus tax, and you’ll never have to worry about forgetting to turn off your gas again. Click here or call 604-980-1369 and we’ll have you grilling stress-free in no time.

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