Looking for answers about your hot water supply?  We know how important it is to turn on a tap and have hot water, every time.

Call 604-980-1369 R&B with your questions about:

  • Warranty information for your current tank or replacement options
  • Higher efficiency options
  • Whether it makes more sense to repair or replace your current tank
  • If an on-demand / tankless water heater is the right fit for you and how much it will cost
  • What grants are available to save you money on your next project
  • Annual water heater service

We can guide you on making the right choice for your home and budget.  Phone R&B now for friendly local, expert, service.



If you’re looking at replacing your hot water tank, chances are you’ve noticed a wide range of choices.  Whether it’s electric or gas, small tank or large, considering warranty options or brand , there are a lot of decisions to be made and it can get overwhelming.  R&B Plumbing knows hot water tanks.  The brands we carry have proven to be reliable and worry free.  When it’s time to replace your existing tank, even if it’s with the same model, lean on our experience to make sure you’re choosing one that will best suit the needs of your household.

Achieve peace of mind in knowing that when you call R&B Plumbing to replace your hot water tank we’ll do so with expertise and professionalism. All replacements include drainage, disconnection, removal, and disposal of the old tank, as well as purchase and installation of the new tank including all parts and connectors needed to complete the job to code.  All makes, all models. Just give us a call.


Just like your car, a hot water heater (and really any gas fired heating appliance) needs regular service and maintenance to run at peak efficiency.  Unfortunately, it’s often overlooked since your heater is usually out of sight and out of mind.  Service and maintenance is about prevention and maximizing the length of service life your mechanical systems -  it doesn’t have to be expensive, particularly when you add it on to your furnace or boiler annual service, and it could save you big money down the line.

Here are some of the best reasons to call (phone link) and book your service today:

  • Save you money
  • Safety checks
  • Cleaning of the gas ignition system
  • Reduce the chances of an emergency call
  • Check and replace the most common wear items
  • Look for deterioration

Schedule your annual maintenance and get the most out of your water heater.