Community Support After Fire

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Community Pulls Together You find out what your community looks like when there is a major catastrophe.  While admittedly on a smaller scale, the concept is no different.   Just like Las Vegas, just like Fort Mac, the fire at Mountain Village Apartments in Lynn Valley has already had a huge growth of support in the […]

Credit Card Fraud with Amazon

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Credit card fraud, contrary to the common opinion, does not get absorbed by the credit card companies, nor does it usually involve shady businesses who are attempting to defraud the public.  In fact, our own reputable company and were unwittingly used to funnel cash from credit card fraud to the hands of criminals and […]


Cooling – An option for every budget

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Are you ready to beat the heat? Thanks to the cool guy above, keeping your home comfortable is a breeze with the right air conditioner! In 1902, Willis Carrier, inventor of the modern air conditioner, submitted the first drawings for his invention.  This lead to recognition by authorities in the field, who determined that air conditioning […]

The Top 3 Common Plumbing Mistakes & How to Fix Them

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The Top 3 Common Plumbing Mistakes & How to Fix Them Tackling Problems Beyond Your Skill Level Proud homeowners can easily be tempted to attempt any household plumbing fix by themselves — however, there are many projects best left to the experts. Projects involving the disconnection of major pipes, bathroom reconfiguration, or modifying pipes hidden […]


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History: Rob Blaksic, founder of R&B Plumbing and Heating has been a North Shore plumber for almost 35 years.  At the age of 13, Rob started going with his dad to learn the trade. He continued to apprentice and went on to become a ticketed journeyman. Following in his father’s footsteps, Rob started his own […]

Plumbing Ratings

Highest Rated Local Plumber – Ratings

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Ratings Great ratings come from a good customer experience and a solid warranty.  In this section of the highest rated local plumber blog series I focus on these aspects and what R&B has to offer. Whether it’s the Better Business Bureau, Homestars, Google or another online organization, the highest rated local plumber is a coveted […]

plumbing insurance

Highest Rated Local Plumber – Insurance

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If you are looking for a go to company who will service your plumbing and heating needs, chances are you’ve Googled “highest rated local plumber”  You may also be wondering what makes R&B fall at the top of the category.  Part 3 of this series considers insurance.  What we need to have to serve you […]