Air Purification, & Top 5

Air purification is among the five new things you need for your home. Ready to hear about the latest and greatest and why you need it now? Read on!

Sometimes we choose to add a little something special to our wardrobes or our house decor but when was the last time you spent money on your lungs?  Was the last time you thought about it at the height of the last fire season? Last week I was already hearing reports of smoke and if its going to be anything like last year, get ready for another smoggy one.  

Now more than ever, air purification is becoming important to homeowners. In this month’s blog air quality improvement is just one of the five featured items that R&B recommends for your home. 

One of the perks you get when you use a company like R&B is the geek factor.  Rob and his crew are truly interested in educating themselves not only on what new products are out there, but also on what actually works in real life, and what’s going to be a great choice for our customers.  Improve your quality of life. Lower insurance rates. Install damage control for when things don’t quite go as planned… Rob and his team are looking out for you!

The 5 R&B recommended items are:

iWave Air Purifiers

The newest in air purifier technology, the iWave is a device that installs easily onto your existing forced air heating / cooling  or HRV system.  As the air passes over the equipment, the ions that are produced will attach themselves to pathogens, allergens, particles, smoke and other odours in the air. This allows them to become more effectively trapped by your existing air filters. And that improves the air quality of the entire household.  

Sinope Emergency Water Shut-off System

This device will sense unplanned water egress from pipes (FLOODS!) and automatically shut off the water coming into your house to help contain the water damage and property loss. Not only will having an automatic water shut off save your belongings, but also many insurance companies will offer a discount if one is installed. Over time, this device will pay for itself.

Automatic Safety Shut-off Timer for Your Barbecue

How many times have you left your barbecue on all night?  You’re not alone.  In fact the oversight is so common that we now offer an automatic shut off timer.  An easy way to save some money, and gain a little peace of mind.

Surge Protectors

We protect our computers and smart TV’s and those are often just for entertainment.  So, why don’t we also protect our heating systems which can be so much more critical to our quality of life?  R&B is now installing surge protectors to protect your furnace or boiler from those power surges that can overload control boards and burn out expensive components – not to mention leave you without heat or hot water! We know you’ll appreciate your HBO much more if you’re warm.

Earthquake Gas Shut-off Valves

The name says it all.  When there is an earthquake there is a danger of a break in the gas line. This puts your home and family in potential danger unless your gas is shut off. This automatic valve will take the guesswork out of “Should I, or shouldn’t I?”. When an earthquake hits and the shakes are powerful enough to compromise your gas line it activates a shut off valve for your safety.  

Bonus item for IBC boiler owners only: The IBC portal allows us to monitor your system remotely if needed. It will alert us to any error codes that may affect your system.  It allows you to remotely control your boiler and all the things it manages such as the pool heat, or your driveway melting system.

Watch for upcoming blogs containing all the details for each product. I’ll review how they are installed and the benefits for you.  Heard enough?  We are now booking iWave air purification installations for June.  Don’t wait until you can’t breathe, call for your free installation estimate today.