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Rebates, grants and incentives can allow for significant savings on your next plumbing or heating project!

As a Fortis Trade Ally Network Contractor, we are first in line to hear of new programs.

Plus as a manufacturer trained and certified Carrier Dealer, we can help you take advantage of Cool Cash and trade-in allowances.

Whether it’s great rebates, incentives, grant money, or pilot programs, we can help you put money back in your pocket. Give us a call today to check for updates and see if these grants can be applied to your plumbing or heating project.

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Are you looking for a way to get the benefits of a new installation now but don’t have the cash?

We are pleased to be able to offer our customers an easy financing option for our products and services. Partnered with a bank, we can now arrange payment plans for you in a seamless process. Similar to a line of credit, these plans are easy to manage with no hidden fees, and can be paid off at anytime. It is not equity or collateral based and pre-approval can often be achieved the same day.

The biggest advantage of financing is that the fuel savings from high efficiency heating equipment will offset the monthly payments – usually by a significant amount.

    • Up to 100% financing for all your home comfort needs.
    • No down payment necessary.
    • Financing available for amounts starting at $1000 and up.
    • Low monthly payment programs.
    • Open loan – Pay off the entire loan at anytime without penalties.
    • Personal and confidential.
    • Easy deductions from your bank account.
    • Take up to 10 years to pay.
There’s no need to putting off upgrading to a more energy efficient, cost effective home comfort system.
We make it simple – start saving money now. Phone 604 -980 – 1369 for more information. Book Now
  • The Spring Cool Cash Program Is Fast Approaching!
  • Check back here for updates
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  • Energy Saving Kit 

The Energy Saving Kit is filled with easy-to-install products (instructions included), such as:

  • an LED night light and four LED light bulbs
  • a water-efficient showerhead
  • kitchen and bathroom faucet aerators
  • weatherstripping
  • window film
  • outlet and switch sealers
  • a refrigerator/freezer thermometer
  • a furnace filter coupon

Join the thousands of British Columbians who are saving money and energy, while reducing emissions with a free Energy Saving Kit. It helps income-qualified customers save on heating, hot water and electricity at home.

Limit of one free kit per income-qualified household once every five years.

  • FortisBC Boiler and Furnace Replacement Rebates

    Replace your old natural gas furnace with an eligible ENERGY STAR® model and you could qualify for a rebate of up to $1,000. Plus, if you install an eligible connected thermostat, you could qualify for an additional $150 rebate.

  • Clothes Washer and Dryer Rebates

  • Fortis offers rebates of up to $250 on ENERGY STAR® certified clothes washers and dryers that achieve the highest ratings for energy and water efficiency


  • Connect to Gas: space and water heating rebates

  • Get up to $3,700 in rebates when you pre-qualify between September 1, 2020 and March 31, 2021 and install eligible natural gas equipment by June 30, 2021.Now, when you connect to natural gas and replace your wood stove, oil or propane space heating system with an eligible ENERGY STAR® high-efficiency natural gas furnace, boiler or combination heating and hot water system, you can get a bonus rebate of $700, for up to $2,400 in equipment rebates.
  • Free Home Energy Evaluations and upgrades

    Get a free energy evaluation and free installation of energy-saving products if your household is income qualified
  • Furnace and boiler rebates – income qualified

  • Income-qualified customers who replace their old natural gas furnace or boiler with an eligible ENERGY STAR® model could qualify for up to a $3,0001 rebate on a furnace, or a $2,000 rebate on a boiler.

    The double rebates promotion is now over. If you requested a pre-qualification code between October 1, 2020, and December 31, 2020, you have until June 30, 2021, to replace your old natural gas furnace or boiler with an eligible ENERGY STAR® model, to qualify for a rebate of up to $3,400 on a furnace, or a $3,000 rebate on a boiler.

  • Natural Gas Fireplace Rebate

    If you’re buying a new natural gas fireplace for your home, townhouse or condominium, upgrade to an eligible EnerChoice® model and you could get $300 rebate.
  • Heat Pump Loan

    You can borrow up to $6,500 at a 1.9 percent interest rate to upgrade an electric furnace or baseboard heaters to a high-efficiency central or variable speed mini- or multi-split air source heat pump.
  • Home Renovation Rebates 

    High-efficiency upgrades such as insulation, windows and doors, space and water heating and fireplaces can help you reduce your ongoing energy costs and improve the comfort of your home. And when you make two or more eligible upgrades, you could get a bonus rebate.
  • Natural gas boiler and combination heating and hot water system rebates

    Replace your old natural gas boiler with an eligible ENERGY STAR® boiler and you could qualify for a $1,000 rebate. Replace your old natural gas space heating system with an eligible combination heating and hot water system and you could qualify for a $1,500 rebate.
  • Natural gas wall furnace rebate

    A wall furnace-also known as a direct vent room heater-can be added to your home’s existing heating system to reach those cold spots in your garage, basement or workshop, or provide cost-effective heating for a home where the ducts and venting required by a central heating system aren’t feasible, such as a cabin or laneway house.
  • Natural gas water heater rebates – income qualified

    Income-qualified customers who upgrade to an eligible natural gas ENERGY STAR® water heater could qualify for a rebate ranging from $500 to $2,500.

Don’t worry about the forms and red tape. R&B is familiar with the process and will give you everything you need including permit inspection, pre-filled forms, and pictures.