Air Quality

The air you breathe inside is just as important as the air you breathe outside.  Especially since research has shown that we spend almost 90% of our time indoors.
Indoor pollutants include such things as mould, off gassing from paints, building materials, and furniture, dust, pollen, cleaning products, vapours from heated appliances such as space heaters, and many other invisible air borne irritants.  Sound worrisome?  In addition, as construction quality improves and houses are becoming better insulated and sealed, very little air is exchanged between the inside and out.  Add to that the fact that today’s condensing furnaces don’t ventilate to the outside and tend to decrease inside to outside air exchange.  This helps with your energy bills but also means that the inside air is continually being re-circulated causing the air quality to become compromised.

Don’t run for your gas mask yet.  There are several different kinds of appliances and air quality systems available to improve the air you breathe at a variety of price points.  At R&B we offer and service a “healthy” variety of improvements from a simple furnace filter to an entire air filtration system.  Call us today and let our experienced staff help you assemble an air quality system that will work best within your budget and with your home’s heating requirements.