Best Local Plumbing Company – insured

Local Plumbing Company – Bonded, Insured & Complyworks™ Contractor

As your best local plumbing company, you can trust that R&B is bonded and fully insured for liability and WSBC.  We are also fully compliant with the stringent standards of ComplyWorks.  ComplyWorks is a company dedicated to the certification of trades so property managers and building owners can be assured that the standards continue to be met. Does your current local plumbing company have this?

Some of the items required are:  Liability insurance, proof of vehicle insurance, and current Worksafe BC clearance.  One governing body manages all those certifications for your peace of mind.

Don’t jeopardize your investment by hiring an unlicensed and potentially uninsured plumber to work on your home, office or investment property.   Plus, with bonded employees, if you can’t be on site, we, your local plumbing company, can be trusted with access keys and gate codes.  All employees conduct themselves in a professional manner and focus on helping each customer resolve their plumbing issues.

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