Commercial and Residential Buildings

Is your strata looking for a trusted plumbing and heating professional to take care of your light commercial or residential apartment building?  If so, the hunt is over! R&B has had over 40 years of experience taking care of large domestic boiler systems, furnaces, and water systems.

Our technicians provide the highest level of customer service and we supply, install, service and repair all kinds of plumbing and HVAC systems.  Give us a call today and see what we can do for you!

Here are some of our areas of expertise:


 Boilers and Mechanical:

When your residents have no heat or hot water, it’s a big deal, we understand.  We have extensive experience in commercial hot water heating installation, repair and maintenance, having worked with a variety of systems since 1972.  With several retrofits and replacements to our credit you can be sure of top quality work.  Keep your systems working smoothly with our convenient semi-annual or quarterly maintenance plans, a cost-effective way to reduce or eliminate troublesome heating interruptions.


Stop Valves and Fixture Hoses:

Had an insurance loss due to water leaks?  Failures of hoses are so common that some stratas are insisting that they be replaced.  This is because replacing small parts like stop valves and hoses on your sinks, toilets, laundry and dishwashers are excellent ways to prevent insurance losses due to their failure.  This is especially true if your building is more than 20 years old.  Due to our experience, we can offer flat rates and potentially save your property owners compared to the cost of individually repairing each unit.


Leaking Recirculation Lines:

Does your building have damp patches peppering the ceilings?  Chances are you have leaks in the hot water lines that run through your building.  These are common and repair can range from spot fixes with temporary clamps to full line replacement.  We are equipped for both solutions, having experience with building water shut downs and careful line re-pressurizations.


Backflow Prevention Tests:

These devices can be found on domestic water, heating, drainage and fire suppression systems in apartment buildings.  Many municipalities (City of Vancouver included) require these tests to be done annually and will issue a letter with a completion date requirement.  Phone R&B to book a certified technician to perform this work so you can receive your recertification.


We attend strata meetings too!

It is natural for your strata members to have questions about the building’s mechanical system, questions that a property manager will need expert help to answer.  We are happy to book appointments during regular office hours to answer questions directly if needed.  This way everyone is on the same page and any potential delays can be avoided.

Whatever your building concerns, you can be confident that R&B Plumbing and Heating will address it quickly and effectively.