The Top 3 Common Plumbing Mistakes & How to Fix Them

The Top 3 Common Plumbing Mistakes & How to Fix Them

  1. Tackling Problems Beyond Your Skill Level

Proud homeowners can easily be tempted to attempt any household plumbing fix by themselves — however, there are many projects best left to the experts. Projects involving the disconnection of major pipes, bathroom reconfiguration, or modifying pipes hidden in walls can quickly become a problem when tackled by an unqualified individual.

Solution: Find the Best Local Plumber for the Job Our team of ticketed journeymen and registered apprentices provide Vancouver’s best quality solutions for any homeowner’s plumbing issues. Book your free estimate for your project today.

  1. Failing to Take Advantage of Grants and Incentives

FortisBC and BCHydro offer various rebates, incentives, and grants for homeowners seeking to upgrade or modify their current plumbing and home appliance setups. While these often go unnoticed by those renovating their home, the cost benefits to taking advantage of them can be substantial.

Solution: Find Out How you Can Save Thousands of dollars are available to be saved by capitalizing on various programs. Visit our page detailing the grants and incentives available to customers.

  1. Failing to Properly Maintain Appliances

Many home appliances such as water heaters and furnaces can lose their efficiency over time without proper maintenance. Old or poorly functioning equipment can be costing you substantially without your knowledge, so it’s important to ensure they are regularly serviced by a skilled technician.

Solution: Take advantage of R&B’s annual service scheduling for your home heating appliances without the risk of forgetting. Now is the perfect time.