Where is my toilet water shut-off? – Blog 3 – Babysitter Series

Where are the Shut-off valves?   – A babysitters guide to plumbing, heating and gas.

Each house has key plumbing and heating items that you, (spouse too), your children, and your babysitter, should know.  This blog looks at how to turn the water off to an over flowing, or running toilet.

What’s another water shutoff that all kids 6 and older should know?

It’s the one for the toilet.  The clogged toilet is a temptation to keep flushing and many children do.  It takes longer for the new low flow toilets to over flow, but when they do it’s still a big mess.  Every toilet should have a water shut-off valve just under the tank to turn off the cold water supply.  Every child should know where that is and what its for, and most importantly, when to use it.  

How to use it:

Righty tighty and lefty loosey.  Turn to the right to close, the water will stop and now you have time to plunge, or get a parent.  This is also a good one to know if your toilet is constantly running due to a faulty flush valve.

Once you’ve isolated the valve, you can try our handy DIY videos to try and unclog it.  For stubborn blockages, call R&B.  We have the heavy-duty artillery when necessary and the know-how to use it.