Plumbing Emergencies That Require a Professionals Help!

You may be tempted to try to work on plumbing problems around your house by yourself. While we believe DIY is great, it has a time and place. Attempting to work on issues beyond your skill level may cost you more than you imagine. On top of that, it could be dangerous.

Here’s some common issues that you need to hire a pro for:

Frozen/leaking pipes
Sewer line stoppages
Overflowing toilets
Gas line problems
Certain drain clogs
Boiler and heating repairs- Homes that are heated with hot water can have leaks in the lines, the infloor heating, from the boiler itself, from the radiators… System checks and annual service will prevent breakdown and any weakness or emerging leaks can also be identified at that time.

Hot water heating / Hot water tank

Yikes! Seems like a lot, but we promise professional help is the RIGHT decision when it comes to these issues. Here’s why…

Here’s what happens when you identify a plumbing problem and give us a call. First, we assure you that we can fix it to your satisfaction. If your pipes are burst and water is leaking it’s important to shut your water off to decrease further damage caused by the issue. Then, it’s a phone call to R&B for us to come by and fix the issue! Seems EASY.

Here’s what happens when you don’t call. You stare at the issue trying to figure out how you’re going to do this. You watch hours of videos online, and read countless blogs. Lastly, you make an attempt at fixing it and hope for the best (and no resulting insurance claim!). Is it really worth it?

So next time you find yourself facing one of these issues, know what the right thing to do is. Give us a call at R&B Plumbing and we’ll provide you with the BEST plumbing services right away!