Outdoor Living with Natural Gas – Blog 3 – Ambience By the Fire Pit

There is something about sitting in front of the fire that evokes ultimate relaxation. With a gas fireplace or fire pit you can just flip a switch and be sure to get a flame that burns beautifully – despite the fire ban.

The Fire Pit

Fire pits can be the star of your outdoor living space, perfect for roasting s’mores (just don’t drop them) or just staying warm on chilly nights. Many cities have a ban on wood-burning fire pits. In response, savvy homeowners are turning to natural gas fire pits because they have no embers, or spark.

These days the word “pit” is a bit deceiving because a pit in the ground is no longer the only option; fire bowls are becoming increasingly popular and fire tables are great for doubling as an outdoor coffee table.  If you are looking for a modern design, several manufacturers offer crushed glass, lava rocks, or river stones. A note about stones: many people think they can put their own found stones over the flame, but in fact, it is dangerous to use stones that are not heat-rated. Real stones found at riverbeds can crack, shatter and even explode when heated.

Even if you don’t have a permanent place for your fire pit, you can use a portable unit that will connect to your natural gas outlet with a hose.  Or at the opposite end of the commitment spectrum, the fireplace.

The Outdoor Gas Fireplace

An outdoor fireplace has the potential to be the grand focal point in your space!  For a reliable and impactful heat source a gas fireplace is the best choice. Placement is one of the first things you’ll have to decide – since you won’t be moving it.  A great designer can help you plan your entire space, and you can ask R&B for a referral.  

Next you’ll want to pick a style; If a traditional stacked log fireplace just isn’t your style, take a look at the modern linear gas fireplace. With a linear flame you can pick from several decorative features, crushed glass or river stones and a driftwood log set for a real west coast vibe. You don’t have to limit your design to a single sided fireplace, many manufactures make outdoor models that come in see-through and three-sided configurations. You can even get twice the impact with a see-through model that installs on an exterior wall of your house so it can also be enjoyed from your living room inside!

Add cozy lounge seating to make the perfect place for an outdoor movie night or game day hangout! In recent years the trend has been to hang your TV above the fireplace, the only problem is that electronics hate heat! You’ll want to check the instruction manual before you hang your TV and dvd player over your fireplace for the recommended distance.

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Looking for more substantial heating for your outdoor space? Check back next week when we talk about patio heaters.