Outdoor Living with Natural Gas – Blog 2 – Natural Gas Barbecue

Interested in a natural gas barbecue?  What else? While the barbecue is still the focal point in many modern outdoor kitchens, many have evolved into an extension of the home’s living space. Many people also want the same conveniences they have inside, if not more. Under-counter refrigerators, freezers, wine coolers, warming drawers, smokers, side burners and storage cabinets; there is no limit to the amenities you can have outdoors, and most or all running on natural gas!

At R&B we are experienced with helping transform your backyard into your dream outdoor cooking space! Here are a few elements you should consider adding to your outdoor kitchen:

The Natural Gas Barbecue

Is barbecuing one of your favourite outdoor activities but you hate to deal with the propane tanks?  Natural gas is the cleaner safer alternative.  With a small investment starting in the $700 range, you can run your gas line to your deck and install an outlet for your gas grill.  Already have propane?  Not usually a problem, most good quality barbecues can be converted by way of a conversion kit sold by the manufacturer.  Not only will it be cheaper to run, but with a natural gas hookup you’ll never have to lug around another tank again!

Now that you’re considering a natural gas barbecue, a built-in model with counter space and fridges is the next step.  Read on to see what else you can put out there.

The Pizza Oven

Are you a fan of the pizza from your neighbourhood Italian restaurant?
Rejoice, pizza connoisseurs! You can get a pizza oven easily and relatively inexpensively installed right on your own patio! Gas pizza ovens are great for those who want to cook with convenience; gas ovens will maintain a consistent cooking temperature meaning your pizza won’t need a lot of attention while it cooks. Still want the authenticity of a wood burning oven? There are natural gas assist wood ovens for those who want to cook with wood, but don’t want to spend a lot of time tending to the fire!

The Wet Bar

If you plan to entertain on your patio often and don’t like your party guests ending up in your kitchen, a wet bar is for you! Whether your objective is to add a dedicated cocktail mixing area or to squeeze in a separate prep space, the options are nearly endless for your outdoor wet bar. Start with a start with the addition of a bar sink and running water. Plan for storage; you’ll want a place for glassware, liquor, and bar tools like your corkscrew! If you want all the bells and whistles, don’t forget the outdoor mini-fridge, wine cellar and ice maker!

Now that you’ve got everything you need for your outdoor kitchen, check back next week when we talk adding ambiance to your backyard with natural gas fireplaces and fire pits!

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