Money Saving This Heating Season – Free Heating Tips

Want money saving solutions that will pay for themselves in five minutes?

Look here.  Because, yes, we should all have high efficiency heating systems, and HRVs.  Those are all great goals for the future efficiency of your home.  But lets look at what you can do today, for this season, at zero cost.  Here are some ideas: 

FREE. No matter what type of thermostat you use, you should reduce heat by 5 degrees when you are not home, or at night when you are cozy under the covers. Here is a tip, when you are away, you never want to turn your heat right off, but you can certainly turn it down to 55 degrees.

FREE – and easy.  Call R&B for a free estimate on the replacement of your out dated heating system.  Many times with our financing options the monthly payments are nicely offset by the Fortis BC bill savings and often there are grants to take advantage of as well.

FREE, but not easy.   If you have one of those households like ours where one is always freezing and one is always boiling, you may have dueling temperature settings for your home heating.  Want to know a secret?  My Plumber and I used to sneak around after each other resetting the heat in the house.  Him up, and me down.  He even tried to lock me out of the programmable thermostat with an access code!  My idea, other than being too hot, was that it uses too much energy to heat the house to 72, and that 69 was a much more reasonable number.   Maybe, but only if you agree.  It takes more energy to keep changing the heat temperature up and down as each person walks by the control in the hall, than it does to keep it on one number.  The moral of the story?  Don’t argue with your spouse about what temp the house should be. Try and comprise.  So not easy, but free!  Or, as they cleverly did on the TV Show Corner Gas, change the setting to Celsius where 69 becomes 20 and 71.5 becomes 21.  The difference between 69 and 71 is only one degree!  All of a sudden, we agree!

Look for next blog in this series that has tips for under $250 to save money this winter and season after season.


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