Duct Cleaning – Blog 3 – How can I Improve my Air Quality?

Do you have to live with dust?  No, you don’t.  This is where a good air filtration system comes into play.  If we are seeing excess dust in our house, we turn on the fan cycle of our furnace to run continuously for several hours.  This will cycle all the moving air in the house through the furnace filters.  If there is no call for heat it won’t activate the furnace, but the round trip will clean the air quality.

Clean air goes hand in hand with airflow and of course filters.  Yes you need to clean or change those filters.  Twice per year for a small family with no pets, and probably 4 or more times a year for a large family or if you have a cat or dog family.

Confused about sizing and quality?  Visit our website for more information on air filtration or call our office with your make and model.  We’ll know what you need.

Need more than just a filter change?  Consider a filtration system. Visit our Air Quality Page to review the many options available to you.  Or better yet, phone us for an in house estimate for recommendations.  Like air, it’s free.