Flooding (or not flooding) Storm Sewer Tips

Flooding because of Sump pump or drainage? Here are some tips.

The big news last winter was the flooding of many North Shore homes and Argyle Secondary School.  Heavy rains and big storms are to be expected this time of year, and if climate change continues, every year.  Should we also expect flooding? Isn’t that what our drainage, storm sewers or sump pumps are for?  Or is there something that you, as a homeowner can do to prevent it from happening to you?

Flooding caused by things like overflowing creeks and overburdened city sewer systems, are unfortunately beyond the homeowners scope of influence.  While things like clearing leaves and debris from city storm sewer grates will help keep water from the roads; it is massive amounts of water finding the easiest way down that is often the cause of the type of floods we saw in Lynn Valley last year.

Flooding in individual houses from failures to home based drainage management systems are another story. And there are things you can do to help prevent a flooded basement in your home.  In the Flooding or not flooding series you can read about sump pumps and drain cleaning as well as learn about early warning signs.

But if you are flooding, please call our 24-hour emergency service line.  We keep our large stock of drain cleaning equipment onsite for easy access in any emergency.

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