Best Local Plumbing Company – Blog 1 – Property Managers Love our Service

Why you should choose R&B as your designated best local plumbing and HVAC service provider:

Property Managers Love Our Service! 

Let us help you with the juggling act of being a property manager by being the reliable, quick-responding, fix-it-right-the-first-time plumber for your apartment or condominium complex, shopping centre, or medical office building.

We’ve being working with property management companies for as long as we’ve been in business.  Many have designated us as their exclusive vendor, recommending us to tenants and property owners as well.  This continuity in the building means for better systems and better communication between your strata, vendor and owners.  And 24 hour live person emergency service means that when things do go wrong, you only have one call to make.

Our hands-on experience and knowledge of the sometimes-unique plumbing scenarios involved means we can diagnose and fix problems faster and more cost-effectively.

Want to really take advantage?  Ask us about our specialized service contacts for maintenance and avoid getting those emergency calls at all.  Call for a free quote for your building based on your equipment and only the service you actually need.