Best Local Plumbing Company – Journeyman Gearheads

OK, so we aren’t actually ticketed in all things gear head, but the owner of your community, and Homestars rated best local plumbing company has a penchant for buying quality equipment that can “do it right the first time” and facilitate the most efficient process for our calls.

Specialized equipment to get the job done

Want to fix a leaky pipe without draining the whole building when shutting the water off? Time spent in standby while we drain or refill a building’s water pipes of water can be lengthy. Many times we can use our pipe-freezing machine to isolate the area and save the customer that time.

Need to replace water lines without trenching? We have a machine for that. Wish you could see what’s going on behind the wall, or inside a pipe? R&B has cameras of all sizes that can help you see inside walls, find problems underground and see into pipes and around corners. We are constantly updating our “toy chest” to have the latest and most effective equipment for your needs.

Our latest purchase is the mack daddy of drain cleaning machines that will make those tree roots in your storm sewer wish they’d never gone there. Best local plumbing company- unless you’re a root!

Call us today; we’ll make your headache go away!

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