Best Heating Company for Mechanical Rooms

Why is R&B the best heating company? We love boiler and furnace rooms!  We love what we can do with them.  If only there were a show called “R&B Style – smart decorating for your furnace room” That would be our show, because as far as I know, nobody else does it like we do.

When R&B replaces your old boiler it usually goes like this: We typically take out a disorganized maze of old pipe and remove that giant noisy inefficient box or tank and replace it with a neat little unit with organized piping.  If you are buying a new boiler, you can even choose a hip colour background that you actually can hang on the wall.

The high efficiency boiler set up is one of our specialties.  It is over 96% efficient and will often replace ones that are near 50% efficient.  If your usual gas bill is $200 / month, the efficiency savings will be approximately $80 per month or almost $1000 per year.  Of course if a new setup is not in your budget, we are happy to get your existing setup in the most efficient running condition with a boiler or furnace service or cleaning.