Where is my water shut-off – Blog 2 – Babysitter Series

Where are the Shut-off valves?   – A babysitters guide to plumbing, heating and gas.

Each house is unique in the placement of some key plumbing and heating items that you, (spouse too), your children, and your babysitter, should know.  This blog looks at the water main stop.

The main shut-off for the incoming water line is a key feature for every house and it is surprising how few of us know where it is.  The job of this valve is quite apparent by the name, to stop any water coming in from the city supply in the event of an emergency.  Some reasons you would need it?  Burst pipe, indicated by flooding or water dripping out of the ceiling – water pouring out from anywhere really.  Be it from a rat that has chewed through a pipe (true story), frozen burst pipe or failed hose or fixture, it is important to know how to turn off the water straight away. Yes we are on call for 24-hour emergency service and yes, this a good reason to call.  But for every minute you are waiting for our serviceman, dozens of litres of water could be pouring into your living space depending on how bad the failure is.  That means while we are driving to your home, more water is damaging your property.  We have tried to walk many a frantic person through the process of locating and turning off main water valves over the phone before we can arrive.  It is like trying to do computer tech support over the phone for your parents while the house is on fire.  “I see the metal thingy,” they say, “IS THAT IT!?”  So yes, you should locate yours and show everyone else where it is as well.  R&B can help you with that.