Where Are The Shut-off Valves? – Blog 1 – Babysitter Series Introduction

Where are the Shut-off valves? – A babysitters guide to plumbing, heating and gas.

I spoke with a couple last week, and one proudly said “ I know where my water shut off is!”  Followed much more quietly with “ I’m not so sure about the gas…” His wife piped up and said, “I know where they all are, and we have carbon monoxide meters too”.  At least one member of that family clearly knows her house.  Upon further talks with her I discovered that her kids do too!  I wondered to my self, is that common? Do mine know where these things are? They should, and your babysitter should too.   

Imagine you are thinking of leaving your 10-year old alone in the house for an hour while you pick up another child from soccer.  Or your 12-year-old is now independent enough to babysit and chomping at the bit.  We equip them with the rules “answer the phone not the door” we give them emergency numbers.  They eagerly take the babysitting course, but:  Have we taught them how OUR house works?  Each house is unique in the placement of some key plumbing and heating items that you, (spouse too), your children, and your babysitter, should know.

Read the Babysitter series of Blogs on this topic for everything you should know.  And remember, you can call R&B for a guided tour of your home.  A small one-hour investment would give you great peace of mind and safety strategies for years to come.