Is your water line cracked, clogged, or backing up? Small pool forming in your backyard? We are experts at quick diagnosis, repair, and routine maintenance of existing water lines, without digging a trench!

At R&B we offer all the services relating to waterlines.

Line Location: To locate your water line, we use state of the art technology by RIGID. We send an electronic charge through your water line and then our sensor traces the electrical current so we can easily map your piping system. We quickly assess your problem and find the best and most cost effective solution to fix it. No more unwanted pools in your backyard!

Trenchless incoming water line replacement: How do you replace a water line without digging a trench in your back or front yard? We feed a cable through the old water line then attach the cable to our special tool. The tool attaches to the new water line and a winch pulls the whole contraption through the ground without digging a trench, leaving you with a brand new line.

Here’s a tip.  When you are leaving your home for extended periods of time, always turn off your incoming water line.  If you don’t know where it is, call R&B.  We can find it.