Standard and High Efficiency Tanks

If you’re looking at replacing your hot water tank, chances are you’ve noticed a wide range of choices.  From electric to gas, from small tanks to large, even the warranty… there are a lot of choices and this can be overwhelming.  R&B Plumbing knows hot water tanks.  The brands we carry have proven to be reliable and worry free.  Don’t just duplicate your existing tank; let us help you make sure you’re choosing one that will suit the needs of your household.

High efficiency isn’t just about saving money; it’s also about conserving resources – because high-efficiency usually has a higher initial cost.  So you may ask yourself, how much will I save in resource expenses?  How much MORE efficient are they?

A standard hot water tank has an efficiency rating of .65 meaning that of each $100 you spend buys you $65 worth of water heating with the remaining $35 lost to un-captured heating power and exhaust.  A high efficiency tank has a minimum efficiency rating of .67, going as high as .69.  While this won’t translate into a huge decline in your utility bills, FortisBC values this difference so much that it will rebate you $200 on the installation of a high efficiency tank.  Looking at the long range picture of conservation over the life of the tank, it will add up.

You can have peace of mind in knowing that when you call R&B Plumbing to replace your tank, it will be done professionally. All replacements include draining, disconnect, removal, and disposal of the old tank, purchase and installation of the new tank including all parts and connectors needed to complete the job to code.

All work is done by a journeyman plumber with who is also a licensed gas fitter.  All joins, seams, and connections will be tested for leaks.  When we are finished, the site will be clean and all garbage removed for you.  Still have questions?  Check out or FAQ – Hot Water for additional information.

Does your tank just need service or repair?   When you call R&B Plumbing, you never have to ask if we can work on your brand of water heater. You can be confident that we do.