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Thinking about making an upgrade around your home? Upgrading a thermostat is a simple way to improve your quality of life very easily! But what’s the best way to pick a thermostat that suits your needs? The standard today is to buy a Smart thermostat. But what does that mean? We are going to break down what a smart thermostat is and how it can help you!

The biggest benefit of the smart thermostat, or what makes it so “smart” is that you’re able to control it from your mobile device wherever you are! This gives you control over your heat, makes operation convenient, and saves you money on energy. For example, homes equipped with compatible heating systems and a Wi-Fi enabled thermostat now have access to zoning. This means you can choose which sections of your home need to be heated and which sections can remain cool.

Once the smart thermostat is installed (this is best done by a professional) you are able to control the heat in your house from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection!

Why is this better? Well the answer is very simple, Smart thermostats offer you more control and that is always the best. A programmable thermostat will allow the user to set times for when the heat turns on and off. Still, the control is limited. When a home has a smart thermostat involved it doesn’t matter where or when, you can manage the heat in your home.

One of the main motivators for upgrading your thermostat is it can help you save money! Your system no longer works overtime because you now have complete control. When you’re out of your home, there is no reason to be heating it and using a Wi-Fi enabled thermostat allows you to turn the heat down. Combine your new thermostat with energy saving HVAC equipment and your savings will be even more significant!

This all sounds great and your temptation may be to purchase a smart thermostat on Amazon right now, but wait! There is some important information you should know before “jumping the gun”. For example, many Wi-Fi enabled thermostats are not universal meaning you need to purchase the right one for your home. On top of that, we at R&B Plumbing offer smart thermostats that are better quality than what’s available on the retail market.

This means by giving us a call, not only can you be sure that you’re getting the thermostat that’s right for your home, but you can also be confident in the quality of your new thermostat!

When it comes to thermostats, the best option for your home is a smart thermostat. The easiest and best way to install that thermostat is by getting in contact with R&B Plumbing! We promise to make your buying experience fantastic from information to installation!