Service & Maintenance, Inspection and Cleaning

Who knew there was so much to do?  The fact is that annual maintenance and, in cases of older furnaces, cleaning is the most effective way to keep your heating appliances in peak efficiency.  At R&B, we are equipped to perform these services on any gas fired heating appliance.  This includes furnaces, boilers, hot water heaters and even fireplaces.  Getting all the services done in the same visit will be more cost effective than individual bookings or worse, waiting for a failure.

There are over 20 inspection and cleaning points included in our furnace service and 25 for a boiler.   You will know what we are doing down there and how your appliance measures up by reading our comprehensive report provided with your bill.

Safe, reliable, efficient operating condition is what we ensure for our annual maintenance customers.  Call today to schedule yours.  Don’t worry about next year, we’ll send a reminder!