The Best Closing Gift is ‘Know Your Home’

Are you looking for that perfect closing gift to say thank you to a recent buyer? As a realtor, you’ve likely experienced the feeling of walking into a showing and not really knowing how the heating or other fixtures in the house function. When your buyers first move in, they face the same struggle. That’s where the R&B Plumbing and Heating ‘Know Your Home’ gift comes in. A simple card in form, but representative of something much greater – a first step to your clients feeling truly at home.

That all sounds lovely in theory but you’re likely wondering how it works. So rather than beat around the bush with sales-ey metaphors and hyperbole, lets just get into it.

What You Get:

  • Happy clients,
  • A unique closing gift, and
  • Peace of mind.

We know the last thing you want is more issues with inspections and problems springing up. This gift is not designed to find issues or problems with their new purchase but to build relationships. 

What Your Clients Get:

A physical ‘Know Your Home’ card with all the details of the gift listed. Also included is a space on the bottom right for either your business card (or ours if you prefer, we know some realtors like to avoid branded closing gifts).

A 1-hour, pre-paid, full house review by one of our knowledgeable and professional service experts.  We’ll provide an orientation of your clients’ plumbing and HVAC systems to familiarize them with their new home and how everything works. Your clientswillfeelat home when they know their home.

This includes:

  • The location of the main and hot water shutoffs, how and when to use them.
  • The location and function of the main gas shutoff.
  • How the thermostat works – reprogram included.
  • How the gas fireplace works
  • Heating and cooling system information, education and easy DIY care instructions such as where the filters are and how to clean or change them.
  • Owner’s manual links for all major HVAC equipment.
  • Answers to any homeowner questions.

What It Costs:

Our 2019 pricing allows you to buy one Know Your Home gift for the discounted rate of $119, or a pack of five for $495 (Save an additional $100). We will process your payment via email or over the phone and then hand deliver them straight to your office. 

How It All Works Together:

This gift is valid for a year from date of purchase, so there’s no rush for your clients to beat the date while getting comfortable in their new home. Best of all, for those who don’t want to use the orientation, they can convert it to a regular service hour should the need arise during their first year in their household. All they need to do is pick up the phone and call R&B for an appointment, and we do the rest.

There are a lot of great products you can buy on a shelf to thank a client, but sometimes a personal touch and a feeling goes a lot further than commercial goods. Don’t give your clients a something that belongs in their home. Help them feel like they belong in their home. Contact us today to order yours.