Patio Heaters Anyone? What you need to know

It is that time of year where we come out of our hibernation and move outdoors to feel the warmth of the sun on our skin.  Could it last even after the sun goes down?  The truth is we’d love to be on the patio in the evenings, its just not quite warm enough.  Or is it?  Patio Heaters anyone?

To get the most out of our climate, look at patio heaters.  They are a great way to expand your living space to the great outdoors and lengthen your patio season.

How much longer? 

How does double sound?  Our relatively mild coastal climate means that our shoulder season for outdoor living can be extended by as much as three months.

You can extend your living space and your patio season by installing a patio heater.  Did you think they were just for bars and restaurants?  Home owners now have affordable choices for patio heaters. The most common type for DIYers is propane, but they can also be run on electricity and natural gas.

R&B giving you natural gas delivered to your patio can be used for many luxuries for you, and will add to your home’s value for the future.  From an outdoor kitchen including your barbecue, as well as a fireplace or fire pit to run patio heaters.  It can all be run from one line.

What to consider when choosing patio heaters

You will need to consider some key factors when choosing the right patio heater, R&B will navigate these with you. Key factors include: placement, size of the area you want to heat, wind exposure, ventilation, and budget.


Mount them on the eves of the house, or possibly off cables.  Choose them to be freestanding.  Either is fine.  Your consultation with one of our knowledgeable estimators will include guidance to provide for the best placement of your new patio heater.


The amount of area you’re trying to heat will determine how many heaters you’ll need and of what size.  Patio heaters come in different sizes and lengths with different BTU output.   Our team will ensure that the right selection is made to maximize your comfort.

Wind Exposure:

Breezy areas will require a different type of patio heater than one that’s protected.  Radiant heaters warm the space so if there is any kind of constant breeze it will diminish their effectiveness.  For that, consider using infra-red technology.  Infra-red heats the person and the objects and not the air.  It feels just like the sun shining on you without the harmful rays, and it won’t give you wrinkles!


Natural Gas patio heaters are exhausted to the atmosphere directly from the unit.  This means that they must not be installed in an enclosed space like a sun room where carbon monoxide might build up.   Don’t worry, you can still have a heater in your sun room; in these cases, a tube heater may be just the right solution.


There are a variety of price points for patio heaters.  As usual, we recommend that you buy the best quality that you can afford.  To do that, ensure you get a free estimate for a professionally installed patio heaters from R&B.

Let R&B make your patio a space you can use!