Patio blog – Natural Gas Barbecue

Now that you’ve added natural gas to your patio with the warmth of patio heaters, imagine adding a natural gas barbecue!  No more heavy propane bottles. No more standing around by the big tank at the gas station in the heat of summer, with the guests waiting back at home, hungry.   The fire pit adds ambiance, the heaters add warmth, but a natural gas barbecue adds FOOD!

OK, so maybe you don’t have the gas line run quite yet, but you’re thinking about it.  You’re salivating.  Before you start serving up dinner, here’s what you need to know:

Steps to a installing natural gas barbecue line:

  1. Permission. This can mean from the strata, and definitely means a permit from the gas safety branch.  The permit will be obtained by R&B, your favorite gas contractor.
  2. R&B attends the site to decide the best run path for the gas line to your natural gas barbecue. Usually they’re run along the house, but sometimes, if the patio is detached from the house, they will be buried.
  3. Decide which appliances you expect to run on the gas line. The piping size is determined by the distance from the meter, and the draw from the appliances.  Your R&B expert will make those calculations for you.
  4. Install the gas line, natural gas barbecue box, and regulator if required. A regulator may be required if the gas pressure is too high for the appliance it’s running to.
  5. Install a natural gas conversion kit on your existing barbecue.   Not all barbecues have kits available, and if the kit is not authorized by the manufacturer, an inspection of this will be required.
  6. Have all the work inspected and passed to close the permit
  7. Have a party

Tips for Success:

  • Choose a licensed gas contractor
  • Have a site visit prior to work date to make a plan
  • Ensure your contractor obtains a permit
  • Be on site after the work is complete to get a lesson on the parts of the new line, how they work and how the quick connects work

Whether you are thinking of running a gas line to your natural gas barbecue or adding other gas appliances to your backyard, call R&B for a free estimate.

Make the back yard the favorite part of the house.