Outdoor Living with Natural Gas – Blog 4 – Patio Heaters

When the weather is nice but cool, you’re often forced to move things inside sooner than you’d like. With patio heaters you can extend the seasonal enjoyment of your outdoor space whatever the size.

Setting up your patio for natural gas heating may seem like a big commitment in the beginning but the result, longevity, and convenience is worth it.  Natural gas prices cheaper than propane, plus you will never lug around a heavy propane tank, or run out, again!  Leave your coat behind and cozy up to these fantastic options for patio heat!

Portable Patio Heaters
The tin hat.  Tried and true, this design is popular for its 360 degree design.  There are options with the propane tank in the base, or the natural gas options that are connected by a hose.  You can even get a table topper.  Because of their growing popularity, there are many patio heater styles and options. The downside is that these units heat the air, and sometimes it feels like you need to be standing right underneath them like they are an umbrella, to get any warmth.

Ceiling Mount Patio Heaters
For an option that doesn’t take up square footage, consider a ceiling mount option. These natural gas heaters are easy to use, convenient and are powerful in performance; producing a heat radius that’s larger than any portable option.

There are different types of mounted patio heaters.  Some produce radiant heat, and some produce infrared.  Radiant heaters, are more dependant on placement and airflow.  So if you’re in a windy area, radiant units that heat the air, won’t feel as warm.  Infrared heats the person, not the air making them the best choice for less protected areas. They are a higher-end budget choice, but they are easier to place.  Their all stainless steel construction means they are more protected from the elements, and will last longer.  We recommend Sunpak.  

The Heated Floor
Heat doesn’t just have to come from above especially since it tends to want to keep rising. We recently had a customer with polished concrete indoor / outdoor floors who heated her patio with radiant in-slab heating from her home’s existing boiler.  This option can provide uniform heat across your patio without any heating apparatus, ducts, grills or registers to interfere with your patio design. Just imagine stepping out on your patio on a cool evening and being greeted with warmth to your feet!  

Choose this option for a sun-room, or almost totally enclosed patio where there is no wind and the ambient air can become warmer.  Unless you are laying on the floor, just having warm feet (though luxurious) won’t be enough for this to be a good choice for typical patios.

The Decision

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