Natural Gas for Patios – Blog 1 – Series Introduction

Whether it’s to socialize or get cozy, the word ‘patio’ evokes fun and relaxation. How much we use our outdoor space depends on how much of our indoor living we can do out there.  Most yards are under utilized by parents who want the kids to have space to play.  However, even the empty nesters, will be inclined to leave the a lot of lawn for its attractiveness to future buyers of the property.  

Carve some space for yourself  for grown-up activities and plan it the same way you would indoors.  You’ll find yourself enjoying that extra square footage just like it’s another room of your home.  

When you’re planning your space, it’s great to look at beautiful yards, but more important is to know how you will get the most use out of your space and that’s where natural gas for patios comes in.  If you love a good campfire, consider installing a natural gas fireplace or fire pit. Since you are going to run a natural gas line out to your fire pit, consider upgrading to a natural gas barbecue and forget lugging those heavy propane bottles to the gas station ever again.  If you like to relax on the couch, be sure to add something to lounge on in your outdoor seating plan. Once you’ve done all that work; cozy seating, fire, food…it makes sense to extend your patio season as long as possible. Outdoor patio heating has come a long way in the residential application from those free-standing tin hat style ones.  

As a plumbing and heating company, we are certified in the use of natural gas.  So when you are considering natural gas for patios for your under-utilized space, look no further than R&B. 

This blog series is for all natural gas for patios.  Over the next few weeks we will share inspiration for outdoor kitchens including barbecue, pizza ovens, and wet bars.  We’ll visit the options for fire pits, or fireplaces (with a TV above for the guys?).  For patio heating we’ll look at the pros and cons of the different options and make recommendations for various budgets that provide the best heat for the cost.

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