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Heating System

New Heating System Quote – What Questions To Ask

If you’ve decided it’s time to invest in a new heating system and you’re like most, you’ve done some research. You’re familiar with the standard efficiencies and maybe even the difference between a single stage furnace and two stage-modulating unit.  Maybe you attended the Vancouver Fall Home Show where you could explore some of the…
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Error Code 33 on Carrier Furnace – What You Can’t See

Error Code 33. On a Carrier furnace, it means restricted air flow, and I’ll never forget it. It can mean other things, but in this case, it didn’t. There really was a problem with air flow. We know that now of course, but at the time it was baffling. I’m going to tell you a…
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Flood? How Will You Know?

Do you keep a babysitter in your basement?  No?  Then who is watching a most precious asset?  No, not your kids, your home!  How will you know when your water heater bursts, your sewer backs up, or something has chewed through a pipe to cause a flood?  In short, who have you got watching for your emergency, and what will…
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Burner-OUT : How Old Do You Think I Am?

Is it burner out?  Let’s see…Do you want to guess my age?  People usually say 40 years, sometimes 50, and those young punks say 20, like that’s supposed to be old!  Actually, I’m 5.  Shocking, right?  So, how come I look like I blew up? For those of you who are new to the world of getting your…
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When Cheap Toilets Aren’t

Around a year ago, my friend, we’ll call him Ron to preserve his anonymity, and his lovely wife Patience, completed a beautiful renovation on their home. Like renovation hopefuls everywhere, they never intended to blow their budget and they had firm dates planned for completion.   About 8 months beyond his planned finish date and painfully over…
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Propane Tank Empty Again? It’s Easily Preventable.

Is your propane tank empty again and in need of a refill? High natural gas bill after someone left the barbecue on? There’s an easy solution to stop this from happening again. The Anticipation Summer’s finally here. If you’re like us, that means there’s something fresh on your mind: Barbecue season. Sitting on a patio…
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