Natural Gas Service and Repair

NaturalGas-SRNatural gas has many applications in your home.  You may use it to heat your house, your hot water, your food and even dry your clothes.  Outside for your patio heaters, barbeque and fire pit, and back inside again for fireplaces.  It is an excellent resource and with proper care is totally safe to use.

Gas line leaks can be alarming, but they are not unusual.  As systems age, it is possible for leaks to occur in the gas lines.  “Repair” or “replace” is a decision we can help you make.  The repair process doesn’t have to take a long time, but it does have to follow the necessary steps for a safe and successful repair.  At R&B we follow six basic steps.

Detection, planning and permit when required.

Pressure test.

Post repair purge.

Re-lighting of the appliances.

Following these steps means a safe repair with the least disruption possible.  While we are there, please ask us to install carbon monoxide detector or an earthquake shut off valve.  These are inexpensive additions, and like a smoke detector, can save lives and property damage.

Servicing your gas appliances each year will help with efficiencies as well as safety testing. Proper care will also extend the service life.  At that time we can also identify any corrosion and evidence of impending failure allowing you to budget and giving you peace of mind.

Be it repair or maintenance, R&B has certified gas fitters on staff to meet your needs.  Call us today.