Community Support After Fire

Community Pulls Together

You find out what your community looks like when there is a major catastrophe.  While admittedly on a smaller scale, the concept is no different.   Just like Las Vegas, just like Fort Mac, the fire at Mountain Village Apartments in Lynn Valley has already had a huge growth of support in the community.  In times like these we see true human nature and the kindness and selflessness of strangers to support those in need.  The compassion and caring that comes out in these times is overwhelming but it should not be surprising.  The human spirit to give is a voracious mother bear.

When you are forced to leave your home with nothing, where would you go?  The immediate needs of clothing, shelter, and food in the dead of night were met by the community.  The aftermath of the next day, and the next, those too are bringing out the good in people.

What You Can Do

There are many ways in which you can help the people of Mountain Village Apartments.  The best way to help those affected by the fire right now is with the Lynn Valley Lions Club. The club has set up such an immediate response to this disastrous event that they have been able to harness and coordinate the support to make every part of it effective, efficient, and useful.

For specific information about the locations and ways to give, follow this link to the Lions Club.  You will find a way to offer financial assistance through the Blue Shore Financial dedicated bank account.  For goods and household items needed, they are organizing drop off locations.  Visit their website for all the details.

R&B is proud to be a part of the North Shore community with such caring and kindness and we know you are too.