Leak Repair – Where is all this water coming from?

Leak repair is a problem that R&B is here to solve for you.  For you, a water leak is unnerving at best, and widely damaging to your home at worst.  If you have found yourself with a leak you might have asked yourself in a bit of a panic, “Where is all this water coming from!?”  Followed closely by, “How do I make it stop?” and then Googling “water leak repair QUICK”, to find R&B.  Where is all that water coming from?

Here are some (yet not all) potential sources:

Water Heater

It’s no surprise that water heaters burst, but they also leak for other reasons.  For your hot water tank leak repair the first question is, has there been a catastrophic failure of the tank or is it simply a part?  The amount of water you see can be a clue.  A lot of water can mean a burst tank, but just a little may mean a repair is possible either from a part or pipe that has failed.  In best case scenarios, your leaking water will be coming from the pressure relief valve which can be replaced.

Pipe Leak

Even the best quality plumbing pipes age over time.  They are also impacted by extreme temperatures, material make-up, age, and even rodent damage.  Leak repair, in these cases, means replacing the failed section of pipe.   Should the leak be coming from your ceiling you might also consider if there are water lines running through it, as it could be the roof.


The most common type of fixture leak repair we see from fixture failures is from toilets.  These types of leak repairs will usually mean removing and replacing the toilet flange or wax seal.  In rare cases the toilet itself will be cracked (no pun intended) through some manufacturer defect.  In those cases as well, R&B to the rescue.  We can support and lead you through the process of a manufacturers warranty claim


Heating systems where you might see water leakages are not just restricted to boilers; high efficiency furnaces will also have condensation collection and removal processes that has the potential to fail.  A condensate pump is a common failure item that can leave you with a small pool of water if you have a furnace.  More obvious will be parts of your boiler system.

With R&B Plumbing and Heating’s 24-hour emergency service available, we will be there for you to solve any of your water leak problems.