Humidity Control

Just as we can trap air inside our homes, we can also trap moisture.  Steam from showers and dishwashers can generate a moisture rich environment perfect for bacteria to thrive, but not so healthy for humans.

When considering changes to your heating, ventilation and cooling, it is really important to look at how your house works as a system – almost as a micro climate.   Do you have condensation on the insides of your windows?  Do the rooms smell musty and damp?  If so, you may have excess humidity.  Although some allergy sufferers find that their symptoms improve with increased humidity in their bedrooms, a whole home humidity problem is more likely to promote the growth of moulds.

It can work the other way as well.  Today’s high tech furnaces tend to create dryer atmospheres inside our homes.  You may notice things like increased static electricity, and dry itchy skin.  Any parent who has spent the middle of the night in the bathroom with her sick child and the shower running full blast to make steam, can tell you that the right humidity in a home is essential to good health.

The goal of a humidity control system is to allow for an ideal amount of moisture in the air to create a healthy indoor environment.  Our humidity control products are designed discourage the petri dish effect and improve the quality of the air you breathe.

While stand-alone room units may be tempting, they require constant cleaning and maintenance.  It is better to address the house as a system and find the right balance with the right humidity control product.  In most cases these can be installed right in your mechanical room and work with your existing system.  Let R&B help you diagnose your humidity and recommend the right product for you.