How to Choose the Best Furnace System – Choose the Best Company

I overheard a customer come in a few months ago asking Rob, owner of R&B, this exact question.  What is the best brand and what model should I choose?  I opened my ears to listen curiously since his house was in Eastern Canada and we are here in the West. Rob’s answer surprised me…

“You shouldn’t start with the product or even the price.  It’s more important to find the best company.”  Rob advised him to get a referral for a company that was local to his neighbourhood.  Using a local company means that when you need service, you are not going to have the barrier of distance get in the way of scheduling.  If the service company is too far away, the travel time and distance complicate the scheduling and make it really inconvenient for service vehicles to arrive at your home – a detriment to prompt service.  Having a company like R&B, who will stand behind their work; being local and available is the most important.  The question should really be, how to choose a great company, but that’s another blog, and you’re already here.

What your great plumbing and heating company will tell you about how to choose a furnace system for your house is in our next blog.  There are several factors to consider such as brand, cost, sizing, add-ons and most important efficiency.

Having a company that can give you budgets and options is key in helping with your decision-making.  That, plus accessibility of estimators to answer your questions and good finance plans available.

At R&B we will give you the support you need to choose the best furnace system for your house, worry free.


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