Rob Blaksic, founder of R&B Plumbing and Heating has been a North Shore plumber for almost 35 years.  At the age of 13, Rob started going with his dad to learn the trade. He continued to apprentice and went on to become a ticketed journeyman. Following in his father’s footsteps, Rob started his own company in 1990 and has been serving as North Shore plumber ever since.  R & B has become a trusted local full service plumbing and heating company. Advice, choose a plumber who is local.


Having done two renovations in his own home, Rob understands what homeowners can go through.  “Unexpected things came up for me too and I’m in the industry.” While most owners do a lot of research on the project, it’s not usually their profession.  “A little bit of knowledge isn’t always a dangerous thing is if helps you ask the right questions.”  Rob’s advice?  Hire someone who has earned your trust.  Whether it’s from a referral, or from shopping around, hire a company where the answers you get feel right. Advice, choose a plumber who is experienced.


You will find a sea of tradesmen out there when you google north shore plumber, but here are some questions to ask.  Once you’ve covered the basics of business license, insurance and Worksafe coverage, dig a little deeper.  Are they ticketed journeymen?  Tick.  Do they have an electrical endorsement?  Tick. Do they have a gas fitter’s certification? Have they been trained by the manufacturer in the equipment they install?  Are they members of organizations who offer professional development training? Tick, tick, tick.  R&B checks all those boxes and more.  You can be confident that when we come to your door that we have this and the industry experience behind us. Advice, choose a plumber who is ticketed.

Customer Service:

Rob has built his business on being able to communicate with his customers. In talking to one regular customer about filter prices, he discovered she was spending hundreds of dollars per year on disposable filters to help with her dust allergy.  Rob recommended an electronic air filter to attach to her existing furnace system.  With no waste, it paid for itself in less than two years.   “We don’t just want to sell; we strive to solve your problem.” With this mindset of communication and transparency, home owners get a better idea of what’s going on in their own homes and that builds lasting trust.  Advice, choose a plumber who works at giving excellent customer service.


And finally, you want to know that after the job is done, this north shore plumber and his company will be around to service the equipment for many years to come.   When it comes to longevity, R&B has that.  With fully computerized service records, we may know more about your house than you do.  Advice, choose a plumber who will be around for your future needs and any potential warranty issues that may arise.

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