Hot Water

Are you looking for some answers about your hot water supply?  Is your hot water tank efficient enough?  Does the leak mean you need a new water heater?  Is a tankless system right for you?   These are questions we can answer.

These days we have more choice when it comes to heating water for domestic use.  Traditional hot water tanks are being replaced with more energy efficient choices such as on-demand and indirect fired water heaters.  And if you don’t know  what the differences are, or what’s right for you, don’t worry, we do!  We can guide you on making the right choice for your home, and your budget.  Fortis grants may apply to save you money.

We know that you want to turn on a tap and have hot water, every time.  When your hot water system fails, R&B plumbers have the experience and the tools to get your hot water flowing fast and safely.

From service and repair, to replacement, and upgrades, you can do your own research without ever leaving our website using the menu below.  Or more simply, and infinitely faster,  phone R&B now for friendly local hot water service with a smile.