Hot Water

Are you looking for some answers about your hot water supply?  Is your hot water tank efficient enough?  Does the leak mean you need a new one?  Is a tankless system right for you?  Will you notice a difference?  These are questions we can answer.

Gone are the days of heating hot water on a pot over a fire! These days, technological advances have led to an incredible array of hot water heating options.  And, no, R&B plumbing hasn’t been around quite that long, but long enough to see the evolution of products.  We can guide you on making the right choice for your home, and your budget.  Ask us for a “good, better, best” quotation if you are considering a new source for your hot water needs.

We know what you want, you want to turn on a tap and have hot water.  Hot water is a luxury that we never think about unless it’s suddenly not there. When your hot water system fails, R&B knows that the goal is to get your hot water flowing fast. As a second generation plumbing company, our experience in repair is extensive. This experience makes diagnosis efficient and repairs effective.

From service and repair, to replacement, and upgrades, find your topic below or simply phone R&B.  We are the perfect source for all your hot water needs.