Tank vs On-Demand Water Heater – What’s the Difference?

Luxury, quality, longevity.   Tankless water heaters are here to stay.  No longer the new kid on the block, they are growing in popularity for many reasons.  One of which is technology.  Manufacturers are continually developing ways to make the product better.  The result is that many of the older problems associated with an on-demand type system are being diminished.

If you’d like to prepare yourself before we arrive to give you your free in-home estimate, read on.


  • Efficientency.   Water is heated as you demand it and not heated and stored in a tank to cool and be re-heated over and over again.
  • Fortis BC gives some of the highest rebates for an on-demand water heater system.
  • They take up less space.  They’re off the floor
  • They have better quality components so they fail less often and with greater likelihood of repair rather than replacement.
  • Better parts inside (copper or stainless steel) to prevent catastrophic failures usually associated with a hot water tank.
  • No floor drain required by code or insurance companies.
  • Can be used in a single application, such as a kitchen or addition, or a whole house
  • You never run out of hot water!
  • Life expectancy from manufacturers is 20 years, more than three times that of a tank.
  • Cost recovery is possible with significant energy savings – although it does take a long time
  • If you like super hot water, turning up the temperature doesn’t cost as much as it does when you have a tank.

Anyone who has ever been the second person to rush through the shower will probably tell you that having hot water when you were used to having none will erase every possible con there is!  Better to make an informed choice though, so please read some of the most common concerns below.


  • The biggest barrier for most people considering on on-demand water heater is the up front expense to purchase one.  While they are 2-3 times the cost, they save you that cost over time.
  • They cost more to service and repair.
  •  Sizing is really important so you will be satisfied with the purchase.
  • If there are multiple draws at once ie. Shower, clothes washer, and dish washer, the water will still be hot, but there will be less water pressure.
  • It can take longer for hot water to arrive and thus use slightly more water in the process.  If you are on a water metering system this may be a concern for you.
  • Power is required and installation may require an electrician
  • If the power fails you won’t have any hot water.

R&B takes care to choose proven brands and only install with the highest quality of workmanship. So whatever you choose, you can be assured of a satisfactory result. Call today for your free estimate. Don’t forget to check out our Grants and Rebates page HERE and see just how much you can save when you upgrade!