Honey There’s No Hot Water

Honey, there’s no hot water…

Has this happened to you?  You are well into your morning routine and about to step into the shower only to discover it’s lake temperature instead of spa temperature?  Want to know a secret?  Even though I’m the wife of an excellent plumber, it’s happened to me.  Much like the shoemakers’ children want for shoes, the plumber’s wife wants, occasionally, for hot water.    

And to a non-plumbers wife, that’s probably very worrisome.  Dollar signs and stress begin to dance before your eyes.  The truth is that many hot water problems are simple to fix.  They don’t always mean a new tank; sometimes it’s as simple as the mixing valve as it was in our case.  A regular service call, $45 for the part and voilà, you are back on track.

The other thing that its important to know is that many hot water tanks have extensive warranties of starting at 6 but some as long as 12 years.  That can be a great advantage to you.  One of the first things we check when we are called to repair a hot water system, is the warranty.

Want to extend the life of your tank?  Annual maintenance.  Add your hot water tank to the annual maintenance of your furnace or boiler.  It doesn’t add much to the service call, but it will make a world of difference in reliability and longevity of your equipment.

These easy and inexpensive tips and steps will help ensure your hot water is there when you need it.