Highest Rated Local Plumber – Ticketed Journeyman and Registered Apprentices

Ticketed Journeymen

People get into the plumbing and heating trade for many reasons but it’s not for the quick trip to the top.  Those who get their certification have put many hours and years into it.   Because they also want the best experience, they look for the highest rated local plumber to work for.  Once our technicians find us, they don’t want to leave.  For the customer that means continuity and getting to know your technician and them getting to know your home.

In addition to the school and work experience, apprentices need to be certified and signed off on by a ticketed journeyman who has been witness to their learning.  Because of that, there are some people who call themselves plumbers, but are working on experience alone as they have not done all the school hours, and have not been certified.  Others have the schooling but never got the supervised apprentice hours.  Certification and supervised apprentices do make a difference.  During their education, apprentices go to school no fewer than four times (years) and earn over 6400 supervised work experience hours.  Still they only get their ticket when another journeyman, who has witnessed their ability, undertakes to certify them.

Their education is current, they make fewer mistakes, and their on-the-job learning is monitored for quality.  R&B has a culture of education and has ongoing in-house and training for all employees.  As well, we provide for constant upgrading opportunities for our technicians.  To be the highest rated local plumber, we need to employ the highest rated local plumber!  Does the company you are looking at only employ journeymen and supervised apprentices? Ask.  At R&B, we do.