Highest Rated Local Plumber – Blog 3 – Insurance

If you are looking for a go to company who will service your plumbing and heating needs, chances are you’ve Googled “highest rated local plumber”  You may also be wondering what makes R&B fall at the top of the category.  Part 3 of this series considers insurance.  What we need to have to serve you well and why we have it.

WorkSafe BC

The law requires that employees are covered by Worksafe BC.  That means that if they are injured on the job, they have the proper insurance and supports in place to manage the injury and the worker.  It also means that the homeowner will not be liable for any accidents that occur on their property.

R&B has a strong ethic for safety on the job.  Our recent COR certification means that we have gone above and beyond the standard level of safety to ensure our Health and Safety program is audited, effective and current.  With safe workers comes safe work practices.  For the homeowner it means that things are done right, to code and with a high level of care for both person and property.

Ask for our most recent Clearance Letter.  We have been in good standing for so long that we are cleared a year in advance.

General Liability

A small owner/ operator may be covered under an independent general insurance policy outside of WSBC.  This will cover the contractor, but doesn’t come with any safety requirements or standards.

A general liability and insurance policy with a coverage limit of at least 2 million dollars will mean the property owner is covered in the event of an accident.  Does your favorite plumbing and heating company carry liability insurance?  R&B carries $5 million.