High Water Meter Bill – Most Common Issues Found

In beautiful West Vancouver, we often see a high water meter bill.  If you suspect you have a leak, or if you’ve determined you have a leak from our blog on “High Water Meter Bill – What You Should Do”, you will likely be looking about for the cause.

To follow is a list of the most common places that water is wasted so you know where to look first.

  1. Running toilets. If you find yourself giggling the handle to make it stop, take a quick look under the ‘hood’ often it means that the chain is just too long and getting caught in the flapper which is the seal at the bottom of the tank.  Shorten it by a few links and it should stop.
  2. Dripping faucets. Sorry to be cliché but it continues to be one of the most common places of water loss.  It’s hard to conceive that a slow drip can add up to 280 litres per week, but true.
  3. Irrigation systems – cracks in areas that were not properly winterized can cause excessive water use. We recommend West Vancouver Irrigation for that.
  4. Auto-fill valves on pools. While not a problem by themselves, they can often mask a bigger pool issue and the high water usage can be the first clue.
  5. Sudden wet patches inside or outside the house are, unfortunately, usually what they seem. Burst water pipes usually cause more damage than they cost to repair.  In these cases, early detection and quick action is your best bet.

Some of these repairs can be DIY if you are comfortable with that, or you may call in your favorite local plumber R&B. For repairs more complex, such as burst water pipes, we recommend calling a technician at R&B.

Once you have repaired your leak you should notice that your water consumption has dropped.  Many municipalities, West Vancouver included, will offer you a refund on a portion of the excessive usages once a repair is made. Link to City of West Vancouver’s Leak Adjustment page: http://westvancouver.ca/home-building-property/water-sewers/leaks


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