Tips For Under $250 – Blog 3 – Ways to Save Money This Heating Season

For a small investment there are things you can do for your furnace, boiler and water heater, to save money this heating season.

  • ~$135. 00.  Have your furnace or boiler serviced.  Checking and cleaning the burner assembly are among two of the most important things that an annual service will achieve for you.  A nice even flame will keep your efficiency high.   Don’t forget about carbon monoxide testing that is done at the same time.  That and the 20 other service points will keep you safe and happy for the season.   Fortis BC has brought back the TLC grant.  You can save $25 per appliance to a max of $50 per household, on them.
  • $50 – $135 – For a basic service call, less if it’s an add-on to an existing service, we can service your water heater.  This annual safety and service test is recommended for all gas burning appliances by Fortis BC.  It ensures your appliances are running at peak efficientcy.  We can also often spot potential problems before they develop into inconvenient issues.
  • For around $250 or less (or more depending on model) you can have a good quality programmable thermostat supplied and installed in your home.  In common use for many years, this idea will not be new to you, but you may have thought it was out of budget.  Set it to reflect when you are really home.  You may find you only need heat in the mornings and evenings.    Most have holiday settings, weekend settings and over-ride for those Pro-D and sick days.

Those will get you going.  The trend in heating efficiency is a heat recovery ventilator or HRV.  Look for my Blog series on what an HRV is and what getting one installed in your home will do for you.