Lap of Luxury Design with Heated Toilet Seats

Do you have a taste for luxury design?  Maybe you’re planning to attend the Luxury Home & Design Show this weekend at BC Place.  At R&B we are lucky enough to have a little luxury design of our own with our Toto Washlet toilet.  And why not? After all, we supply and install some of the most beautiful fixtures chosen by home designers.  From European faucets, to multiple head steam showers, to these warm and musical water closets.

This week at the luxury design show you will see exhibits and products curated with the aim of achieving superior artisanship through fine quality.  It’s an experience that promises to be as unique as their vendors.  Among the art you will also find many high-end fixtures for custom homes. Toto, the maker of our own luxury item, will be represented.

What are the features of the Toto Washlet?

With an overall sleek look, the Toto Washlet pleases with a low profile and skirted one-piece elongated front bowl

The remote control operates the heated seat as well as the front and rear warm water washing with temperature and adjustable pressure control

Customize your dryer function using the Illuminated touch pad and save your favorite settings on one of the 2 user memory options.

The “tornado flush” will remove waste efficiently and the air deodorizer will keep the area fresh.

And nothing says luxury design like the automatic open / close of the lid (this means seat too ladies).

Do you NEED one of these?  Well if you must ask that question then perhaps not.  Do you WANT one?  Absolutely.  The Toto Washlet is just the beginning of this affordable luxury design.  Consider as well, an on-demand hot water heater, and instant hot water for your kitchen, the luxury doesn’t have to stop at the bathroom.

What do you need to install it?

The Toto Washlet at R&B does require a GFI plug next to the toilet so the running wires by an electrician will be required.  Other than that, a regular supply and regular waste rough-in can be used for the installation.

How to get one

Designers and homeowners can visit a supplier showroom to choose the right model.  Then its as simple as calling R&B to manage the installation.