Future-Proofing Your Home: Kitchen & Bathroom

When I visit my Mom, I always make it a point to empty her dishwasher since it’s hard for her to bend over.  But I kept finding things in the very bottom.  I said, “what’s going on? Why is all the stuff falling out of the cutlery holder?”  My Mom said, It’s not.  I can’t reach so I just throw them in” It turns out that using her walker to get around, putting things into the dishwasher was often just as challenging as taking them out.  because she couldn’t get close enough never mind bend over.  So, she’d kind of just chuck them in knowing I’d be by in a few days to fish them out!  

It’s a funny story, but it was also a frustrating and challenging experience for her, and it got me thinking about the importance of accessibility and ease of use in the home. That’s why in this blog, we’ll explore some simple yet impactful upgrades that can future-proof your home, and because we’re a plumbing company, we’ll be focusing on water conservation, ease of use, and accessibility. From lever-style taps to instant hot water, to in-drawer dishwashers (for my Mom!), to integrated sink and countertops; these innovations are designed to make life easier for homeowners like you, at any age and stage of your family life. 

In-Drawer Dishwashers: Perfect for Accessibility

First, the appliance that’s near and dear to my heart, The in-drawer dishwasher!  Not just for my Mom, but for those who live alone or with a partner, traditionally sized dishwashers can be overkill.  They’re often run at almost empty because if you wait for them to fill up they start to smell.  That’s where in-drawer dishwashers come in—a compact and efficient solution that’s perfect for smaller households. With customizable settings and flexible loading options, in-drawer dishwashers make it easy to clean dishes efficiently, without wasting water or energy on larger loads. And if you’re currently running a family with kids, they can be an excellent overflow instead of the second dishwasher that many larger households have.  Current and future proofing!  Plus, their convenient design means no more bending over to load and unload dishes—a real game-changer for anyone with mobility issues, not just seniors. 

In drawer Dishwasher

Lever-Style Taps: Effortless for hands of all strengths

Now, for something super simple.  Have you ever seen those jar openers that you can buy on Amazon?  Gripping and twisting is hard for old hands (and little ones too). Lever-style taps offer a stylish and practical alternative to traditional knob-style faucets. With their sleek design and ergonomic handles, lever taps are easy to use for people of all ages and abilities. They are simple to shut off, and it’s easy to push them to the stop without having to wonder if you’ve twisted it far enough. But the benefits don’t stop there—lever taps are also easy to clean.  Whether you’re choosing new faucets now or just replacing the handles for a new look, it’s something to consider.  

Innovative products like motion-sensing faucets, adjustable-height countertops, and smart thermostats with intuitive interfaces are specifically designed to meet the needs of aging homeowners. These technologies improve accessibility and reduce the risk of accidents and injuries, allowing seniors to remain in their homes safely and comfortably for years to come.  And if you install them now for your future self, you won’t have to look forward to having some 8-year old trying to explain how the new-fangled wall box works with decreasing patience!

On-Demand Hot Water: Instant Comfort, Minimal Waste

In our blog about bringing your home into the 22nd Century we featured on-demand hot water systems for the kitchen sink to deliver boiling water right out of the tap.  These innovative systems heat water only when you need it, providing instant hot water at the touch of a button. Not only does this save energy and reduce utility costs, but it also ensures that a cup of tea can be made by a senior without filling and carrying a heavy kettle. 

Integrated Sink and Countertops: Seamless Style and Functionality

Last but not least, let’s talk about integrated sink and countertops. These sleek and stylish fixtures combine the sink and countertop into a single, seamless unit, creating a clean and modern look in your kitchen or bathroom. But the real beauty of integrated sinks goes beyond aesthetics—they’re also incredibly practical, with no crevices or edges to clean around, making them a breeze to keep sanitary and spotless.  Easy to clean is a great feature for people of any age! 

Invest in Your Home, Invest in Your Future

As homeowners, we have the power to create spaces that not only meet our needs today but also adapt to our changing lifestyles and abilities over time. By embracing innovative solutions like lever-style taps, on-demand hot water systems, in-drawer dishwashers, and integrated sink and countertops, we can future-proof our homes for a lifetime of comfort and convenience. So why wait? Start future-proofing your home today and enjoy the benefits for years to come.

Bathroom Sink

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